Futureperfect creates inspirational events on themes of sustainable living, for everyone

Futureperfect is a collaboration platform to increase engagement in real sustainable living

Futureperfect brings music, art, and creativity to the centre of the sustainable living debate

Futureperfect believes real sustainable living is an adventure in living well.


Events are the most impactful way to connect people to each other, to ideas, and to action. Futureperfect creates events that show the great value embedded in the ideas and practices of sustainable living.
Futureperfect sees that the potential of sustainable living lies at the intersection of many, currently disconnected sectors and ideas – and wants to enable lasting, innovative collaboration.
Futureperfect believes that rich, positive experience and opportunities for development, based on real knowledge, are the best way to unlock motivation towards sustainable living.
Futureperfect believes stopping bad things is good – but making better things is so much better. Sustainable living has to become a great adventure in living well.



Sustainable living, and the principles of sustainability, have not become mainstream and aspirational for normal people – even though ‘sustainable’ stuff and ideas are everywhere. Something is not working.

The serious debates about sustainability are abstract, negative, and unengaging. And ‘green living’ is a consumerist distraction: not so much because lots of industries are still causing harm, but because the most interesting industries – culture, technology, finance, and others – are not involved or don’t understand their huge potential to create positive change. This is what is not working.

At the same time – new, less-materialistic, more-connected generations, who are ready for new lifestyles are emerging, and exploiting new opportunities for sustainable living that no-one even dreamt of before.

So Futureperfect has its mission to help fix the lack of engagement among normal people and organisations – including businesses – to the tremendous positive potential of sustainable living. To do this, Futureperfect focusses only on the new value that can be created, by new generations being exposed to new themes in new, experiential formats.

Economic and social value is evolving fast – new technologies, lifestyles, attitudes, and cultures are all changing the game. Futureperfect sees sustainable living evolving with these new ways to create and share value.
The people who should be part of the sustainable living debate are influencers – people who have potential to make a difference, and who want to – whether in business or everyday life. It’s not for specialists or ‘green’ folks any more.
As sustainability merges with these new value concepts, and new actors, new themes will evolve and drive creative action – food and gastronomy, not pollution, city design and architecture, not climate change, and so much more.
Sitting and listening to the bearded expert, or whinging about the bad guys, or agreeing with friends – are weak ways to change the world. People need to connect and be inspired in new experiential formats.


The main focus of Futureperfect is creating activities that showcase the great stuff already happening within real sustainable living. Futureperfect offers explorations with this content – through events like the Futureperfect festivals – of the amazing work going on, and the amazing people involved. This creates a tremendous opportunity to engage new people in the positive and high-potential themes of sustainable living – Futureperfect is for all these people and organisations.

For individuals who are curious about ways to discover and participate in sustainable living and the issues around it, Futureperfect events and community is a creative, welcoming exploration space that puts positive examples and rich experience at the centre.
For organisations and enterprises looking to develop opportunities in and through sustainability – leading their sector in this area, or catching up to best practice – Futureperfect is a learning, networking and innovation space ready offering highest-value content.

For local and national policy actors who need new, cost effective ways to consult around policy, generate and test new ideas, connect and establish collaborations. Futureperfect is a trusted environment which brings the best content into the discussion, while insisting on real debate and progress.
For organisations that want to be part of the showcase of great new stuff – and you want help and collaboration to be visible and connected. Futureperfect offers a creative, independent way to be present and to bring attention to the best work. 



Futureperfect Festival 2011 took place in Molkom near Karlstad, with the support of Karlstads Kommun, Region Värmland, and the Embassies of the United States, Norway, and Denmark. These are some of the images:

Access the 2011 Festival website here.

Futureperfect Festival 2013 took place on the island of Grinda, in the Stockholm archipelago, in collaboration with Grinda Wärdshus and Skärgårdsstiftelsen, with the support of Stockholm Visitors Board, Konstfack and other partners. These are some of the images:

Access the 2013 Festival website here.


Futureperfect events are collaborations involving some or all the following program elements.

Interactive dialogues with world class experts, with a FutureLab of best practice and collaborative solutions
High-powered presentations and exchanges with global thought and practice leaders across society and enterprise
Interactive seminars led by inspiring individuals and organisations – for everyone interested to connect and explore
ODynamic collaboration and discussion space – open to all! – led by professional facilitators and thought leaders
Food from world-class chefs, nature and adventure, live music and more
Full music program – as well as art, film, photography


To find out more about Futureperfect events, click on the tabs below. Events follow similar formats to the program elements of the Festival. Upcoming events appear in the Calendar – click on them for more info.

Futureperfect holds Forums outside of the Festival in various themes, always attempting to create influential, new debates with world experts, and accessible to both professionals and the public.

The most high-profile of these are the Urban Futures Forums – they have their own website – which are events which enable policy makers at national and urban level to create partnerships and policy for the next generation of sustainable urban development

In a more informal, seminar setting, Futureperfect also holds interactive Dialogues to encourage interested people to connect directly with experts and innovators, around themes of sustainable living.
Futureperfect hosts drinks with its Friends through the year – energising and informal networking and sharing!


Here’s some highlights of Futureperfect events, outside the Festivals.

The first  Urban Futures Forum took place in Copenhagen in October 2013, at the offices BIG architects, hosted by Ida Auken, Danish Environment Minister, and Bjarke Ingels. Images will be up here soon – for now, look at the project website, and click on the image to access the report.


The second Almedalen Dialogue took place in Visby, on Gotland, in July 2013 as part of Almedalsveckan, with Anna Denell, Karolina Lisslö, and Lisa Emilia Svensson.  These are some of the images:

An Art vs Technology Forum took place in December 2012, hosted by Rosendals Trädgård, in conjunction with an organic and local julbord (Christmas buffet), with André Heinz, Alexander Bard, and Joel Lindefors as speakers, and John Manoochehri facilitating. These are some of the images:

The first Almedalen Dialogue took place in Visby, on Gotland, in July 2012 as part of Almedalsveckan, with Jennifer Robinson, Kristin Hrafnsson, Jeremy Bowen, Alexander Bard, Måns Adler, Fredrik Wass, and John Manoochehri. Here’s a video captured by Joakim Jardenberg on his phone.

Futureperfect was launched at the Stockholm Architecture Museum in May 2010, when John Manoochehri gave a lecture on urban futures at the invitation of the Museum and Svensk Form. Here’s some photos from the event.



Futureperfect is a collaboration led by Resource Vision sustainable architecture and urban design studio. We welcome engagement with companies, cities, organisations, experts, creators and individuals want to explore, communicate, and engage around real sustainable living.



Ping us with any questions at info@futureperfect.se.

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