“Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.”

Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931

There’s so many people to thank, and we are doing that individually, but we want to say thanks to everyone publicly … you know who you are! Also: find below ways that you can add your voice and images to the record. Thanks, see you again next year, and let’s make the Futureperfect!

John, Gabi, Michael, Fiona, Dirkje, and the Team

Speakers, moderators and contributors

Futureperfect is about great conversations spurred by pressing questions, knowledgable speakers, engaged moderators and passionate participants. And we did it again.

Co-creating our present and future lies at the heart of this gathering and without you it quite simply would not work. We value your time, your patience, and your magnanimous spirit in discussion. But most of all we value the fierceness with which you challenge the status quo- by coming and speaking about what you believe is important, and for daring to believe that change is possible.


People from many backgrounds contributed their time, skills and passion to create the context within which inspiring conversations and fruitful meetings took place. Know that the gracious and generous gift of your hard work, and the positivity with which you undertook your roles is deeply appreciated. You were all an integral part of realising the Futureperfect 2013, and for this we are grateful beyond measure.

Partners and programpartners

We want to thank Grinda Wärdshus for collaborating and hosting us excellently, and to Skärgårdsstiftelsen for allowing us to use the beautiful land on Grinda.

We also extend a special thank you to our program partners. Here Global Utmaning reports from their seminar exploring the social sustainability of transnational living which was spurred by the international audience at Futureperfect.

Schyst resande  gave us more insights on the impact travels have, in a local context in Skärgården and internationally. Together with WWF Naturbeteskött the audience learned more about the impact of great beef production, and JAK Banken engaged us in a conversation exploring how local consumption can be achieved – which still remains unanswered. StillSparkling shared what it is like to be on the frontline of the sustainability communication and give insights on the value of sustainable water use on a daily basis.

There are plenty of more insight and reflections on the event from our members Futerra Sustainability CommunicationsUngdomar AB The Hub Stockholm,  who contributed greatly to the seminars, Forums and Pro Dialogues.


We are gathering pictures and films from different contributors and it will be available on our flickr account. If you have images you want to share please use/get a flickr.com account, and send your username to lead@futureperfect.se and we will add you the group: futureperfect_grinda_2013


Add your thoughts, feelings, comments, criticism, suggestions and ideas for collaboration at more@futureperfect.se.

Futureperfect can achieve even more with more members – individuals and organizations are welcome – so do consider joining in.

We will announce our program for 2013/2014 from August 30 – the first event is the Copenhagen Futures Forum in collaboration with BIG Architects and Danish Environment Ministry (by invitation only).

To follow the evolution of Futureperfect check in on the organisation website