Project Description

Carl Mossfeldt works independently to support companies and public bodies in their efforts to drive systemic change. In the last few years, much of his work has focused on developing new strategies and partnership for social and physical rejuvenation of low-income urban areas.

He is currently helping design a large scale rejuvenation effort in Bergsjön, Gothenburg, which seeks to integrate social and physical capital gains in one model. A basic insight guiding the work has been that neither current market based models, nor government at different levels, have to necessary capacity to meet the multifaceted challenges ahead. Progress therefore requires us to move well beyond established theories of PPPs both in the way projects are structured and managed. This in turn requires both new legal and financial tools and, by extension, a new understanding of democratic accountability.

Carl was formerly the CEO of the Tällberg Foundation, a strategic think tank and an international forum searching for new governance models to meet the sustainability challenge. Carl is also a World Fellow at Yale University. He is educated at Oxford University and Cambridge University in the UK.