Project Description

John Manoochehri is an architect and environmental scientist, using built form as the framework and language of modern sustainable living.

He runs the sustainable design studio Resource Vision, collaborating and lecturing on architecture, urban, and lifestyle projects with top Scandinavian offices such as BIG, White, NOD, Kjellander & Sjöberg, Reflex, BAU, and many more, contributing to award-winning projects. He has lectured publicly and design schools, companies and events across Europe, and recently gave a lecture on architecture and environmental science to Yale University in the US.
He has been a research associate of Tim Jackson at the Centre for Environmental Strategy, University of Surrey, and a staff teacher at the KTH Architecture school in Stockholm, where he has led sustainable architecture and sustainable urban design courses. Previously, he was Industry Expert in the Europe office of the UN Environment Programme, where he wrote UNEP’s policy on sustainable urban lifestyles, ‘Consumption Opportunties’.
He is the founder of Futureperfect, a set of new conversation and engagement formats for sustainable living, bringing new people and new energy to the debate. Futureperfect includes a festival, lecture series on sustainable cities, and a column in RUM Magazine, Sweden’s premier magazine for architecture and lifestyle.