Project Description

Joyce Hsiang is founding principal of Plan B Architecture & Urbanism, LLC, an interdisciplinary design and research collaborative.

She explicitly pursues research as a means of applying architectural thinking, analysis and design methods to define new territories of practice beyond building. Ongoing research projects include the “City of 7 Billion,” an ambitious project to model the impact of urbanization on the built and natural environment at a global scale; the design of a Sustainability Index to manage urban development; and the development of a spatial plan for the Maldives.  Design projects include a network of libraries in Mozambique; mixed-use developments in the US; a tidal park in Buzzard’s Bay, USA; and an ecological masterplan for Gadeokdo Island in South Korea. Her recent work has been featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio program Future Tense, the 2011 Chengdu Architecture Biennale, the 2011 Eye on Earth Summit in Abu Dhabi and the forthcoming 2013 Hong Kong-Shenzhen Biennale.

Joyce cultivates the reciprocal feedback between practice, applied research and academia.  She is a critic at the Yale School of Architecture, teaching design studios and seminars on drawing, urbanism and the future of the city. She has been awarded the 2013 Latrobe Prize, the 2010 AIA Upjohn Research Grant, and the 2009 Hines Research Grant for Advanced Sustainability.  She has published articles on indexing sustainability, new planning practices for the Maldives and the rapid urbanization of Riyadh. Prior to starting Plan B, Ms. Hsiang worked at the Office for Metropolitan Architecture (OMA) in Rotterdam and Pelli Clarke Pelli in New Haven, where she led large scale planning projects.  Ms. Hsiang received her B.A. and M. Arch. from Yale University.


2013 AIA Latrobe Prize