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‘Nordic Food Localism’ is a Futureperfect discussion evening for around 100-200 participants. We invite professionals from the food sector (including signature restaurants, quality restaurant chains, supermarkets, suppliers, experts), architecture and urbanism (including architects, planners, developers, experts), sustainable design and enterprise, as well as students from relevant disciplines, and other interested groups.

During a panel discussion, established pioneers and innovators within local food concepts will present their work, and discuss it in the context of the larger food industry and contemporary lifestyles. This debate aims to advance contemporary discussion and engagement around sustainable food models, to showcase the work of the panel guests, and to generate support for these new models. Specifically, the ambition is to test whether the ‘Nordic local food’ model of gastronomy – which has gathered a lot of international attention – is a viable model for sustainable food production and consumption.

In order to achieve a truly diverse and deep investigation of the local food concept, the main panel will receive comments from a group of leaders in mass-scale restaurants, and commercial food supply, who are also very interested in a more sustainable food production. This is going to be an exciting and thought-provoking discussion, which we believe to be beneficial for everyone involved.

The conversation will then continue into a full dinner, cooked and presented by Fotografiska Bistro, during which the members of the panel and respondents’ group will each host a table.



Mathias Dahlgren, Mathias Dahlgren Matbaren and Matsalen

Star chef and author of Det Naturliga Köket

Awarded two, and one star respectively in the prestigious Michelin Guide, for his two restaurants at the Grand Hôtel in Stockholm 2009. Mathias Dahlgren is the only Swedish chef that has won gold in the Bocuse d’Or Chefs individual World Championship. He is known for using only natural ingredients in the kitchen. Mathias has written the cookbook “Det Naturliga Köket” 2010, and was the initiator of the Manifesto for the Nordic Kitchen with scandinavian chefs.


Carolyn Steel, ‘Hungry City’

Architect, writer and expert on food production systems, modern cities and lifestyles

TED talk on How food shapes our Cities

Carolyn Steel explores the inner lives of cities, and her work has focused on developing a lateral approach to urban design that looks at the everyday routines that shape cities and the way we inhabit them. She has run design studios at the London School of Economics, London Metropolitan University and at Cambridge University, where the lecture course ‘Food and the City’ is an established part of the degree programme. Her book Hungry City is an exploration of how food has shaped cities that emerged from research of Rome’s development over two thousand years.


Jan Åman, Atelierslice

Cultural leader/curator

Jan Åman is a writer, curator, activist and platform builder with a focus on contemporary art, urbanity and social development. He has for many years – not least as the founder and director of the contemporary art laboratory Färgfabriken – been a driving force for the discussion on the development of Stockholm. He is now one of founders to Urban Academy at the Royal Art Academy. During 2011, he created the project Ulf Linde t.o.m. at the Academy of Fine Arts, and together with Ernst Billgren he is the editor of the book “Den andra Vågen”.


Ola Kjellander, K + S Architecture

Architect active in the development of building-integrated food concepts

Feature project Årstafältet

Ola Kjellander founded Kjellander + Sjöberg (1998) and is responsible for its activities and projects with a focus on architecture, urbanism and urban design. He continuously develops teams with clients, planners, architects, farmers, and others specialists and initiates new and innovative projects. Most recently a project that integrates services and gardens in a new development in Årstafältet. Ola has taught and lectured in architecture and urban planning, among others at KTH since 1998. Has represented Swedish Association of Architects of the jury for several major architectural competitions, and was on the board for Swedish Association of Architects of 2004-8.

Paul Svensson, Fotografiska

Swedish TV chef, restaurateur, and cookbook author

Paul Svensson has over 15 years of experience working as a chef in various restaurants in Sweden, including as creative director for Bon Lloc and Fredsgatan 12. He won fifth place in the 2003 Bocuse d’Or Chefs World Championship and was awarded the “Academy Meal” for his cookbook Paul grills in March 2010, and recently published the new cookbook Pauls kök. He has appeared as a TV chef in both Swedish and Finnish television, including the popular Kockarnas kamp. As an educator and lecturer Paul speaks on subjects like food philosophy and trends, whole experience and food for all the senses. He currently works at Fotografiska and concocts a varied menu of freshly made and seasonal food.



John Manoochehri, ResourceVision, Futureperfect

Architect, Sustainability Designer, Lecturer, Creative Director Futureperfect

John Manoochehri wrote the policy of the UN Environment Programme in sustainable lifestyles, and now works as an architect and urban design consultant specialising in sustainability, lecturing also at KTH Architecture.

Daniella Illerbrand, DVLOP

Sommelier, restaurant business development and Consultant

Daniella Illerbrand has a solid culinary background and has been restaurant manager at Aquavit in New York, at Bagatelle in Oslo and latest General Manager at Mathias Dahlgren in Stockholm. Currently Daniella is running her own company DVLOP, where she helps chefs and businesses with creative project development and consulting.


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